Thursday, January 16, 2014

This & That

Interesting Blog Humans of New York.  I love this stuff.

Nate's cousins. The ladies are his cousins. Anyhow... make sure you listen to the singing at like 2:10. That and the first clip are my favorite parts. Neat. 

 Olive and I stuck in the house while the rest of the family is ice skating. 

 I got my turn in. It's good we skated, it rained the next day.

 Olive and the midwife. 

Oh, this is the day she rolled for the first time. I was right there to see it. Fun. 10 weeks. 

 Where we hang out during Mia's piano lessons. 

 There was a warmish day. Took a walk to the mailbox. 

 Olive got some shoes in the mail. Stuart was so into them and said, 
"Now she can go to Dutch-Way and get groceries with her shoes on!"

 New Years Eve Party with the youth group. 

Out for coffee with my dear sister in laws. 

 I sewed a crib sheet this week. Finally a crib sheet that I am happy with. Fun easy sewing project. Check out these easy instructions.


  1. Also, did you make that quilt that Olivia is laying on? It's amazing!!

  2. Somehow my fist comment disappeared! Lydia, I just love your blog! I don't know why it took me so long to stop by and visit. Your Olivia has such dreamy brown eyes, reminds me of my Eliza. I love the crib sheet you made for her (and I love her crib!).

    1. Thanks April. I made the quilt the winter of 2012. Still dreaming of my next quilt project.

  3. Love that New York blog - you helped me just discover a new favorite!! What a cool thing... Walk around the streets of New York taking pictures and asking people questions. That's what I want to do when I grow up;))

    Olive is a doll. Those shoes are darling and super cute bed sheets- I couldn't sew to save my life so always admire those who do ( well, I COULD probably see if my life depended on it) ;))

    Have a great day!

  4. Oh, love that blog. People watching is a huge favorite of mine and this is just the next thing to it. :)

  5. What an adorable little gal! She looked pretty peeved not to be getting to go ice skating. ;)

  6. The crib sheet that you made is is your baby. :)
    I enjoyed all the pictures!

  7. dreamy pictures! love that crib sheet pattern.

  8. oh my. i miss those days....