Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Big Beanie

I wrote a silly book for my children and nieces and nephews. 
This was a quick project that made me very aware of how much work it is to write a book. 
I was racing against a Christmas deadline and it is what it is. 
Stuart knew about it, he was my only critic. 
Until Nate came home from work then he had to listen to all things Beanie. Oh my. 
Mia can smell a project like this from a mile away and she was full of questions. 

I drew the pictures on construction paper and then took pictures of the drawings. 
Uploaded them to photoshop, added the color, texture, and text. 
Used the files to make a blurb book. 

The other day I said to Stuart, "Miles is going on an airplane today, he is going where Beanie went, do you know where that is?" Stuart answered in such a sweet voice, 
"To his favorite island." 

It sure was a fun gift to give.

If you follow the link you should be able to see the book.


  1. I could have sworn I already commented . . . Maybe I'm losing my mind.

    This book is adorable, what a fun idea!

  2. that is SO cool! omw. you did a great job, wish I could see more.

  3. just read it to my kids. They want another one.

  4. Big Beanie...I get it

  5. wow, that is a great gift. I thought at first you were making a coloring book.

  6. You, my dear, are so. very. talented.
    What a gift!!!