Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Days and Ice Storms

The way he loves her is the sweetest thing. 

 Dad's birthday. 

 Nate finishing up his birthday cake. 

Stu was begging me to help him. The snow is so deep.

My back is still hurting from all the snow removal.
Wishing I would have taken it a little easier. Mondays snow was very heavy.
Nate had actually paid for a snow blower but it had not been delivered yet. He kept telling everyone that the snow is over for the year because he bought a snow blower. As the snow fell Monday I reminded him that it doesn't work that way, if the snow blower that you purchased is not actually on the premises... it will snow for sure!
It has been delivered and our backs are spared. It seems like the snow isn't stopping either.

As I dodged under some ice laden tree branches to sneak this picture I remembered that I told my children, "Don't walk under the trees!"


  1. that photo of the chairs is so beautiful!

  2. There's been so much snow this year for many people! And that looks like a lot of snow to remove, I'm glad I didn't have to do it. ;)

  3. i hear ya on the aching back of snow removal. last year i near killed myself - this year i've designated it to the kids! ;)) all our neighbors have snow blowers and think we're crazy. if we stay here another winter i think for sure we'll be making that investment. haha.

    snow is so pretty though. makes for some beautiful photos. i love the softness of it. i'm glad you risked walking under the iced trees- that's a great shot. :)

  4. I am thankful that I have amazing neighbors who removed all the snow for me. Even scooped our front walk. Saved me from the back pain and left me enough energy to go sledding with the kids. You have beautiful photos. I enjoyed looking around your space here.