Monday, January 12, 2015

This Pond

 Aunt Mary's pond is looking fine. 

A few weeks into our married life Nate and I came over here skating. Never told anyone. It was dark outside. We were happily skating around the pond holding hands even, when I remembered that the pond does not always freeze evenly. Just like that we went through. I was swimming for all I was worth, thinking "that was a short married life" assuming we were about to die. Nate informed me that we could stand. It was about waist deep. We managed to climb out and drove home thankful that it was only a mile away. 
The pond seems to freeze more evenly these days but I make Nate go over it very rigorously before the children may skate on it.


  1. Oh my lands, not sure what I would do if I broke through! Glad you could touch! :) The skating pictures looks so magical.

  2. So pretty! Happy memory making! Christina

  3. I'm always paranoid about our children breaking through our pond too. Pretty pics!