Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter Living

To replace couch cushions yourself...
Open the cushion and measure the thickness of the old cushions. We failed this step and shorted ourselves an inch. It works for now but I'm dreaming of that extra inch. Ha.
Take a 50% off coupon to Joanne Fabrics and purchase foam in correct thickness.
This piece cost me about $50.
Cut them out using an electric knife (cuts like butter). Hold that knife as straight as possible when going around turns. You don't want to cut too much away on the backside. 
Insert in zippered cushions sleeves. Yay! This was a 40 minute project from tracing to back on the couch done. 

I sat on the yellow couch all afternoon with a friend and it sat nice so I think it will be replacing the very sat out orange couch. I hate to send it to the basement but 3 sofas in one room seems a little overkill. It was fun for hosting but I am missing my single soft chairs in there for daily living. 

I made this bread last week and while it seemed awesome, I could not taste anything at the time. Terrible cold that lasted for 12 long days. Today as I was slicing the bread  for supper I said to Nate, "This bread!" and he laughed at me for obviously I had just gotten my sense of taste back today.

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  1. What a creative solution! Very neat! Live your daughter on the couch in her earmuffs! Too cute! Glad you are feeling better!