Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fat Busters and Why I’m Loving Plexus

When I was a teenager, I’m going to guess 16 or 17 years old I had a low moment while reading one of those junk mail flyers and I ordered a bottle of pills called, “Fat Busters.”
The company, being very discreet, sent the package to a certain L. Zimmerman. My poor Dad his name is Lester and when this package came for L. Zimmerman he tore it open and thought someone sent him “Fat Busters” as a hint to lose weight. The bottle was really corny looking with a huge fireball on it. I’m not sure how long it went until he mentioned this at the supper table one night and I had to confess (oh the shame) that I had ordered them. I’m pretty sure I never took them.

You might have heard of Plexus by now. I’m taking it and I’m a fan.

  1. Slim
  2. Bio Cleanse
  3. Pro Bio 5

The slim tastes great, has lowered my blood pressure, made my cycle more regular, and best of all has eliminated my sugar cravings. I would take it for that reason alone.

I started taking Slim because I struggle with crashing blood sugar. Also there was the hope of losing weight. I was not serious enough about my diet when I began and there was not an amazing weight loss for me. It did help with my crashing blood sugar.

I went off of slim for a few weeks before I asked my midwife about taking it and was so ready to get back on it.
The same time I started back on it I also cut sugar completely from my diet and limited carbs. This is when I started taking  ProBio5. Maybe it was adding the ProBio that helped to take away my sugar cravings. I’m not sure but I do believe that if you are taking Plexus products you should eat clean and drink a lot of water. You don’t want to waste a good thing. I know for myself I saw a huge difference when I got more serious about my diet.

Please don’t feel like you need to take Plexus if there is nothing wrong with you. It seems like everyone is taking it these days and I do get silly sometimes because anytime I hear about someone’s health I can’t help but think, “Try Plexus.” It feels funny that it helps so many different problems. Do some research on gut health related to the brain and body and you will find that so much of this is related.

Plexus products have helped people with:
Candida (gut health) taking care of a yeast overgrowth takes care of a lot of other issues.
Lyme disease
Weight loss
Hormonal Imbalance
Thyroid problems
Celiac disease
High or low blood sugar
Chronic Fatigue
Acid Reflux
Hay fever
Adrenal Fatigue

I’m sure I forgot something really important. Plexus products are all natural. They are not approved by the FDA. I’m not sure about you but I don’t trust the FDA anyhow. It’s not like you are going to feel awesome on it after one day. Some people do see results that fast but it is a healing process. I like to think that once my body heals I can cut back or stop taking the products. For instance it is recommended to take 4 ProBio capsules if you are fighting off a yeast overgrowth and only one or two to maintain. There is a 60 day money back guarantee. 

You can check it out for yourself here. 


  1. I totally credit eating no sugar (95% of the time)limited carb to my low pregnancy weight gain and smaller baby, and besides that just feeling awesome when I don't eat "junk". Every since clearing up Boaz excema with a probiotic I am "sold" on them. Wishing you loads of success in your business!