Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Things the Kids Say

Stuart is 5. We tell him that he will drive a Studebaker when he grows up.
He says he's going to drive a dump truck.
Last week he told me while watching birds while I was driving, "If I was a bird I would fly all the way to Grenada."
He is very obsessed with highways and the turnpike. "Are we on the highway?" he can be heard yelling from the backseat.
This morning he said, "Mom said her legs are going to make her die." I gave him a funny look and it turns out that I did say, "My legs are going to be killing me tomorrow," as I was helping Nate put the flags in the ground and did a lot of squats.

Olive spends most of her days toddling after me with her coat in her hand. She just started to say, "go outside."
The other thing she says all the time is, "Hold It!" which sounds more like, "whole lit!"
It was one of those things I realized I am saying all the time.
I was telling someone about this and they did not even know what I meant by this phrase and then I was even more humbled. I just taught my daughter to say something so dutchy that commoners don't understand it.

 Potato Stamping on some gauze fabric to make a Muslin Swaddle Blanket. 

Some artwork in the NST room that I get to sit in every week. Checking up on baby.

Easter Sunday


  1. I use the expression,Hold it.and know others who do. :) I love hearing what kids say and how they perceive life.

  2. I know about "whole lit"! ;) Fun reading cute things kids say!
    And I have to ask, is the station wagon in your header yours?? :)

    1. Yes Twila. Did you grow up with one of these?

  3. Love the things kids say! :)
    You have a beautiful little family!

  4. Love the new header! I totally get that "whole lit" thing, except I say "whole let" :) And your family looks lovely! :)