Friday, July 10, 2015

Paintings and Prints

I was helping my favorite artist set up an Etsy store for her new collection. 
She is selling prints and they are gorgeous. It is crazy how good she is. 

So while I was at it I stuck a few of mine in my Etsy shop that I've had but never used.

Becky will have her originals at the Lititz Art Show the last Saturday of this month and she would love if you'd stop by and say hi.

 Really, is there any market as beautiful as Central Market?

 Rachel's Creperie for my Mother in laws birthday. She had never been. 
I am so thankful for my sister in laws and that they include me on a fun day like this.

 Inspecting all the flowers.

 Olive and Oil & Salt on oven roasted beans. 

A friend drops off fresh green beans, iced coffee, and the best whoopie pie I've ever had. 

 She acts like she hates this pillow in her bed. Then I caught her sleeping on it. 

The station wagon onesie.


  1. What a fun post! Your Farmer's Market is absolutely beautiful. I love getting glimpses of your home. Your style just speaks to me. And little man in his onesie...enough to give me baby fever...almost ;)

  2. I LOVE central market! Those beans look delicious. Now I need to make them.

  3. Beautiful farmers market! You have an awesome friend! Had to laugh....she is right!;) cute little Henry. Precious! Christina