Friday, July 31, 2015

Farewell July Must You Leave So Soon

We spent our evenings trying to keep Hank Boy happy.

I over saw Mia baking these bars this week and the next day I left her do it all by herself. 

Henry's first trip to the Farmersville Auction

Boys at the cabin. 

Turning the living room into a guest room. My makeshift privacy curtain. Do not laugh! We need to work out a guest room plan since we took the bed out of the nursery.

She's not two yet, but you'd never know it. She loves to sing. Jesus loves me and Deep and Wide.
She loves to say truck but struggles with the tr sound and I'm sorry to say it but she replaces it with the f sound. She was saying this word a lot before we figured out what she was actually referring to.


  1. Precious! And that's too funny!Christina

  2. Totally laughed on the truck one. :)