Monday, August 10, 2015

It Happened Again

Twice recently something happened that I've been totally worried about. #1 The dog eats everything she can and I've been worried that the mail lady is going to set our mail outside with a package sometime and the dog will eat an important something. Nate has this contractor that pays him via check and it's just not the type of situation where you want to request another check. Sure enough, on a day that a child of our had carried the mail in, Nate came home and found Harley gnawing on a half eaten check from this guy. Oh boy.  Nate picked up every tiny piece that he could find and we laid it all out and most of the important stuff was there, but thanks to half of one digit on the bottom missing the bank would not take it. The thing that happened was when Nate carried it in the house and I saw what had happened, I laughed. I felt a certain relief that what I had dreaded happened and the realization that it could have been a 24x30 canvas or one of the children's limbs. Nate was just glad that Harley did not eat the whole thing or we'd still be looking for it.

The guy was super nice about it and the next check arrived with a note on the back.

#2 The children love to do crafty stuff and lately it has been the melty beads that you iron. Mia assured me that she knows how to do this and I know that she can it's just I also know that she's going to forget the paper between the beads and the iron sometime. Friday was the day.  Again I found myself laughing, I think it was her reaction. My poor kids.

I've been sewing. 


And taking Hank for a check up. While waiting for the doctor I plot ways to take this cute scale table off of their hands! 

I am in quite the panic that school is soon starting. 

The kids have really been into the Orange Blossom Special thanks to our new Celtic Martin's CD.
This Buddy Greene version is cranking this morning.

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  1. Good to read this, wish we could visit :) ~ Chris Martin