Thursday, March 17, 2016

Birthday Week

 Oh Hankster. 
Check out my grocery bag holder. I made it and then I pinned it on pinterest. 

Date night. 

 Mia turned eleven this week.
For a birthday gift we got her a piano book she wanted and also some prescription goggles for swimming. $30 on amazon. I have a hard time coming up with useful gifts, often feeling unsure. I was excited about the goggles though. I knew she would love them. 

I baked her cake the day before her birthday. I also made 2 pans of brownies, and a double batch of cupcakes. Things got a little hairy... I decided to try to bake the cakes without wax paper. This german cake is so light and fluffy and the wax paper makes weird edges on it, well... this happened. 

I was more careful about the next two layers and managed to get them out just fine. Meanwhile the icing was cooking on the stove and I was not stirring it constantly. Everytime I did get around to stirring it, there were more dark floaters in it from sticking tot he bottom. Two layer cake instead of three and to be honest the icing was better than usual, it had a brown butter/caramel flavor. It was thicker too. Can't promise that I won't scorch it on purpose next time. 

Did some mulching in March. 

Olive cut a chunk out of her hair and I screamed. 

Getting herself dressed. Going outside is a great motivator.


  1. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!:) Christina

  2. I heaved a big sigh when I read about the chunk out of Olive's hair. Glad it isn't something worse. That baking day sounds wild! How can Mia be 11 already? What a beautiful, capable, creative girl she is. - Carla