Monday, March 28, 2016

New Puppy and Easter

Meet Piper

 Easter Sunday. 
You know Sunday mornings are not my thing. My midwife used to get so amazed at my blood pressure journal, Sunday mornings were always the worst. This particular one we managed to have the children all showered the night before. The clothing and shoes were all accounted for. The diaper bag was packed. I was pretty stressed out because Nate and I were singing in a trio that we had not practiced with yet, so that had to happen before church. Nothing too crazy happened. The muddy dog did not even attack me when I tied her up. 

Monday morning, not so great. I had to take the children to school this morning. Somehow Olive fell off her chair and the back of her head landed in her cereal bowl which must have preceded her. Not all mornings are easy.

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  1. Oh boy! What a sweet puppy! This too shall pass,then you'll have teenagers... lol