Monday, May 2, 2016


 Mia had a lunch exchange at school. She was pretty much on her own here. Thankfully she came up with the dog crate idea and stuck with it. Kids love stuff like this but it can be a Mother's nightmare.

 Olive and Harley are best buds these days. 

 Stuart and his kindergarten workbooks. 
No comment. 


Did you know that Nate collects old bikes? It's becoming a problem. I told him that the neighbor man had bikes out for sale, he should take Ellie up and see if any fit her. She is ready for a bigger bike. He came back with 3 bikes... none of them quite what we were looking for. Cute though.  

I love to set him in the grass and watch him try to decide if he likes it or not. He heads straight for the nearest dirt pile. 

They always say when you build a shed that it won't be big enough. 

This morning I clicked on a link to an article called, 
sounds good right? I was expecting a life changing moment... First point...

1. Divide everything into three piles: things to keep, things to throw away and things to donate.
Then, pour gasoline over all three piles and light them on fire.

 everyone happy to be outside

Darren is our trucker brother in law. He just taught the kids about chicken lights. It's all I hear about now. 
our hearts have been very heavy this month with a good friend who has cancer
every song I hear I try to apply it to this
we pray and we cry


  1. Watch those barefoot feet with the bike. Your dad should be able to tell you what can happen.

    1. Well, I did send Stu for his boots between the first and last pictures. This is something you will have to take up with Nate I'm afraid, I have tried. Now I'm hoping my Dad misses this post.

    2. Do you remember the story I'm referring to?

    3. Your mothers toes I believe. No shoes, no chain guard.

  2. Yes, I was thinking it was your dad driving the bike, but it was actually Uncle Leon.

  3. I must admit that on the worst days I have been tempted to use that cleaning tip. Never quite put it in those words though....

  4. that cleaning post is the best - my best friend and I have been yukking it up with that for a week now!

    My husband is a bike fiend too, but we don't have a shed - they end up in the hallways of our HOUSE and we have a crawling baby. sighhhhhh This is why I have to make jokes about cleaning.

    1. Margo, it was your pin on pinterest that led me to that article!