Saturday, June 4, 2016

Flat Bread Italian Sub

We had this for supper the other night. The kids had a moment of panic when I accidentally sprinkled it with lemon pepper seasoning instead of oregano. We were able to dust and rinse it off of the pepperoni. So if some of the pepperoni looks kind of shiny... 

Favorite sandwich of ours lately. My Mom taught me how.

Roll pizza crust dough very thin onto parchment paper.
I stick a flat cookie sheet under it then to transport it to a hot oven.
Like 450 degrees where I had a stone preheating with the oven.
So you flop the pizza dough that is still on the paper, onto the stone and bake for 5 minutes or until it's getting browned.
Then I get it out (again, I slide the flat cookie sheet under the parchment paper) and flip it around and sprinkle with some mozzerella. Just a little.
(flipping it around gives you the nice baked side to hold)
Back in the oven not necessarily on the stone, but that works too. To melt the cheese.
Pull it out and let it cool just a bit.
Now the fun part, on half of it you layer

provolone cheese
Capicola ham
sandwich pepperoni
hard salami
those neat little yellow banana peppers
black olives
Italian salad dressing

Fold in half, eat it while it's a tad warm yet.

Obviously using what you have and what you like.
One pan uses about 1/2 lb of the meats and provolone each. I would say it feeds 6-7.

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  1. that sounds amazing! And I LOVE your blog header right now - the gingham and the container of paint, so sweet.