Friday, June 3, 2016

Hank's First Birthday

 Sugar rush at 9pm last night. Ha ha, we laughed so much.

It's amazing what a year does. 
He was pretty grouchy the first 3 months but has since become very easy so it has seemed like a breeze lately. 

I kind of like to claim him as a Zimmerman but I think he's a good mix. He looks a lot like Nate's Dad too so... that's what I'd like to see a one year picture of Sam.


  1. That little guy of yours is SO handsome! �� His birthday outfit is perfect!!! That belly that hangs alittle just makes a perfect suspender outfit ...
    Your a busy wonderful mommy!! I love seeing pictures on your blog! Jen

    1. Jen, I keep waiting to hear from you! Getting closer every day!