Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Here

 The 11 puppies were all in their new homes by Christmas. We love when the customers send us pictures of the puppies with their new families. 

I always feel a little bit nervous to send a first grader off to their first program. Stuart was fine.  

 Olive wore this vintage jumper last Christmas and I'm going to hang onto it just in case it fits her next year too! 

The Martin's were together the week before Christmas this year. I loved having them spaced out. 

 Sonya and Darren's gender reveal! They boys were wild as they are not in the majority. 

 Nate has a new beverage cooler! He kind of gets the best gifts. There might have been some beard ornaments that showed up one night.  Not my doing!

 I'm telling you Harley thinks she's  royalty.
I got Olive all bundled up and by the time Hank and I got outside Olive had gone into the shed and taken all of it off! And she let the dogs in. So now I'm dragging the dog off of the sofa and trying to get the 3 year old dressed again while keeping an eye on Henry who is wondering around outside. Winter is looking long.

We all feel better after a little fresh air but Hank thinks it's dreamy. 

 Nate checking the ice.

 What are toys? 

 So many battles still waiting to be fought with this one.

Ribs, mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli.

It turns out the Comfortable Couch Company makes pretty comfortable couches. Laugh all you want at the name. Ha. 

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