Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Working at the Harrisburg Christmas Show

I'm always looking for remaining vintage stuff in this old building (Farm Show)

What my days look like. Toddler Control. 
Cousin Lisa comes to see the puppies.

Jana's sweet baby that we are all wishing to squeeze! 

Bath time. 

The Blood Drive bus tried to back into my driveway to turn around. 
I happened to be outside at the time so I tried to take a picture for Nate (driver was struggling) 

Stuart and the nervous clown cake

His teacher made the students these Lowly Worm's. So cute. Her theme is Richard Scarry. 


  1. Ha ha ha about the binoculars! Wow! 15 years! Congratulations! - Carla

  2. binoculars for pressure canning!? oh you make me laugh!