Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Grandma Minnie

This was within the first few years of me meeting Grandma. Nate's Mom is wearing the dress she wore to our wedding. 

Before my time, but oh so precious. 

At Carla's wedding 

Out for dinner with Aunt Ruth and some of the older cousins.  

my baby shower 

 Shortly after we returned from Grenada. Spoiling the children with a whole box of gummies.  It felt so extravagant to me.  A whole box.  She just gave them all they wanted. 

She was super happy this night. She had just started dating Micheal and we could not have been happier for her.  

Oh here they are. So sweet.  

After her stroke. 

They made the trip to see us in Grenada. It meant so much to us that Grandma would come.  They were lucky to arrive on this day because when the plane landed in Barbados or some such island, they got off and headed in to use the bathroom. Left everything on the plane.  Those continuing to Grenada were supposed to stay on the plane. We were so glad to see them.  

 Stuart looked like Grandpa Reuben when he was born.  For the first few days we wished we would have named him Reuben. They were exclaiming, "Oh, I see Pop!" It was darling. 

With Step Grandpa Micheal at Stuart's first birthday party. 

 Bridal shower at Grandma's house. This was the last time we were with Grandpa before he passed away. 

 The very long viewing. 

 Sunday lunch

Nate going over his songs before the Funeral

2 cousins missing... not bad! 

Grandpa Reuben had collected all sizes of shovels before he died. Planning for his grandchildren to use them to shovel dirt on his grave. They were out again. This time, great grands using them. 

So nice to have Jana and Tessa home for the week. 

Stuart taking his turn. 


  1. Such beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is very special to me. Thanks.

  3. What a lovely way to remember her, through all these photos and memory snippets. Thank you for sharing. She seems like she was a wonderful grandma.