Monday, September 28, 2009

More Days At The Cabin

Spent the weekend at the Fox cabin. Good times.  My girls are crashed this morning... one sleeping on the couch and one on the chair beside me.  Now on to that laundry pile.

Kathy Had A Cute Project For The Kids

Kathy had the children doing this fun craft... can you tell that Ellie is contemplating destroying hers all ready.

I'm Not Sure 30 Is Treating Kenny Too Well
Not sure that 30 is treating him so well.

Rebecca and Her Girls

Baby Baby

Field of Flowers

On The Pond

Vintage Life Jacket

33 Weeks and 20 Weeks

Both of us pregnant.  Ginger expecting twins!

Daria Jo

Mr. And Mrs. Fox

Bigger Than I Realized
No wonder I seem to be waddeling.

New Bedroom

Here is the gray bedroom in the works.  Waiting for carpet. Hoping to pick some out this week.

What To Do With Paintings You Are Tired Of?

Still have things to move to the attic or basement.  Crib to set up and so on. Will be glad to feel organized again.

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