Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Philadelphia Phillies

Nate planned a surprise birthday trip to Philly to catch a game  for my birthday.  He invited Tristan and Dorcas along.  Then he told me about it the next day.  Well maybe not the next day...
The guys reading the map. Not sure that it helped at all!  We left our ride parked at the motel and took public transportation. 
Here I am missing pictures of the Yummy cheesesteaks at Tony Lukes.  While we sat there eating before the game, it started to rain.  A lot of rain.  I was picturing the van in the parking garage. Would have been nice.
So after lots of walking we made it to the game.  Blue skies.
Dorcas had her sideline entertainment along. The food vendors on foot (what do you call them?) were teasing her for it.
We were staying at the Radisson (love that priceline) and it was rather humbling to come sloshing through the lobby late Saturday night.  We got totally soaked on the way home. 
One ball game we will never forget. Thanks Nate for planning it.  Loved it.  And thanks to Tristan and Dorcas for going along.  Good times.


  1. When I first started reading this I wondered if a game was your idea of fun, or just Nate's. So glad you loved it and had a great time! That hotel looks gorgeous!

  2. Oh, I love ball games. A lot. With our anniversary being in the winter, my birthday ends up being an excuse to go do something fun and summery. :)

  3. It looks like so much fun! I couldn't remember either if you liked ball games. :) I'll have to remember priceline for hotels. Gorgeous place.

  4. hmm...priceline! H-Bday!

  5. Yup, $55. I'm pretty sure I overheard Nate say something about starting lower next time.