Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Good and the Sad

So happy  when I realized I could request books from my library from the convenience of my home.  Seriously, a stop at the library is just not that great with small children... also I always forget what books I was interested in when I get to the library, maybe that is due to those toddlers, but if I can request them at the very time I'm thinking about them, maybe I can get more books checked off of my reading list.

Stuart is sucking his thumb and this has him sleeping longer.  So happy am I! It kind of happened overnight.  I was telling Nate one day how I think he should be able to sleep longer.  That very night he slept nine hours but I woke up at 4:30AM wondering why he wasn't up yet.  I lay there for almost an hour till he woke up.  Yeah I struggle when it comes to sleeping. 

Ellie is potty trained. 

I recovered my piano bench today.
I smashed my finger with the hammer.  Still hurts.

My dear Grandma Hoover was taken to the hospital today. 

Nate is really slow at work. 

The girls and Nate were all sick this week and I'm hoping I don't get it.

You tell me.  Good or Sad? Trying to show my house some more love yesterday and I felt so rusty. This is the dining room... and that is a map of Grenada that I found while cleaning.  I am tempted to paint the whole wall with chalkboard paint. If not I think I'd like to get more of a collage going on that wall.  Using the old blue frame.  Who knows. It's a work in progress. 
I wish I had pictures to show you of my bedroom from 1998.  You'd be amazed.

Old screen door.  Empty blue frame. 

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  1. So glad Stuart sucks his thumb. I'm "this close" to actually praying for a thumb sucker. Is that kinda a selfish this to pray for?
    Sorry Nate is slow at work. This week i sorta wished Tris was slow so he could be home so i could paint more... but IM THANKFUL he has work.
    Are you going to visit G. Hoover?
    Was is the stomach flu they had?