Monday, February 15, 2010

Week Project

I'm trying to take a picture of Stuart every week of his first year.  It's harder than you might think.  Some photographers do like a 365 project where they take one interesting photo each day of the year and then put them together in a book.  I love that idea, but am too busy these days to even attempt it. So one day a week, I snap a whole pile of photos of Stuart and a few of his sisters and hope to get a good one.  But I can never narrow it down to only one and end up keeping ten or more.  So here are the ones for last week (taken this morning... ahem).

This old quilt was a shower gift to Nate and I from my parents.  I think my Mom picked it up at a sale somwhere.  The edges are tattered and worn.  I love it.


  1. Lydia, your little guy looks sooo much like your side of the family! I think I can see a bit of both your parents in him. Cute photos. I love old worn quilts too. :)

  2. That first picture is super! What an adorable double chin.