Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Made Soup For Lunch Today

I just made some soup that looks just like this.  Only thing is, mine has potatoes in it.  That's because I started with gourmet potatoes that were left over from my Sunday Lunch. I read this post, and then while I was making the girls their grilled cheese for lunch, I got to throwing things together and yeah... it's good.  It is that good, that even though I am not one bit presentable for society right now I really wish someone would stop in so I could let them taste it.  Assuming that person liked mushrooms.

In other news... we've found affordable air fare to Grenada for Nate's sister Jana's wedding.  What an answer to prayer! I must admit I was of little faith in this matter.  I just knew it was not a good time to find discounted tickets.  In watching the prices for July I saw that they were going up... I still feel like purchasing tickets is similar to gambling. Hate the stress.  So we are flying again with all the children! Let's hope it goes better than last time.  Mia is so excited, she is watching the days on a little calendar of hers.  So cute.  She still mentions things about Grenada, it surprises me that she remembers.  So excited to see Former neighbors and church family...

Here is the lovely "Bride to Be"


  1. That soup makes me drool. There is something disappointing about eating somethin really good all by yourself. Lovely picture of Jana.

  2. So glad you can take all the children. Wouldn't be as fun to leave one at home. Poor Mia, She's got a long while to wait. Hope it goes super fast for her. the soup looks good...