Thursday, January 28, 2010

The phrase "working mother" is redundant. ~Jane Sellman

Our little man.  9 weeks. Lots of cooing and smiles.

Dear Elizabeth has squinty eyes from her mother's side.  I must get them from my Father as he has been called "Squinty Eyes" by a certain Miss Brown. Rachel, do you read my blog?

See this?  Here we can see her eyes again. So it's either the eyes or the dimples. Can't have them both!

We went out today.  Shopping.  If Walmart counts.  It was the first time I took them shopping by myeslf.  I really wonder what the ratio of good carts to bad carts is at Walmart?  I rarely have a cart that will easily be pushed in a straight line. On a normal day (ok, wait, this is my new normal) I don't mind... but with two children in the cart and a carseat at the handle... my one hand holding the pacifier in Stuart's mouth... yeah... kind of tough. we barely cleared some corners. 

Time to start planning that big birthday party for next year!

My dear friend Ginger had her twins this week.  Rebecca and Joshua.  So cute!

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