Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Blurb Book Came Today

I don't print many of my pictures. Mainly becasue I don't scrapbook. I've been compiling my pictues from September 08 through all of 09 and finally sent the book off to the printers on Monday. So of course this is like a huge rush to finally get all the pictures right! See them printed and look back over the last year. Yeah... I could not wait.
My Blurb book came today. I was so excited to open it! I kept yelling at Nate who was teasing me about it, from the kitchen "Don't open it!" So I finish my soup, get a knife, slit the box, pull it out and take a few moments to appreciate the cover. Show it to the girls, "Look this is you!" kind of thing.

I started flipping through it and I got to this page, and was like, odd that they'd put this in the front" My first thought was that it was Blurb people...

Well, Nate is now on the floor paging through the book, reading it aloud, "Eight generations in old and new photographs... paintings, documents, stories collected, composed, written, and photographed..." Nate is also saying, "I can't belive they sent us the wrong book!"

So yeah, not sure who they are or if they got our book, but it seems like they do a lot of skiing... kind of interesting. 


  1. hey that's kinda cool. I'd love to see it. I can see a little bit of Polish written on the second picture. Sorry that you didn't get your book though:(

  2. dissapointing BUT it does look like a very nice book so hopefully when you do get yours it will be just as nice.

  3. that is VERY disappointing! I'm curious to see how you feel about the quality of their printing, etc. I got a little book done for Daryl last year as test book to see what they're like. I wasn't totally sold on how the quality of the prints was, but I think it was mainly because of my expections and comparing them to lustre finish photo paper isn't really fair.
    Other then that I LOVED how easy it was to pop pics in their cool little layouts!
    I like to scrapbook, but now that i have a child it is starting to look like an overwhelming something that I "have" to do, and that's no fun.
    I am doing Abbi's first year using KISS, our album company, it's been fun so far, and I can't wait to see the finished product. Thelma