Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Farm Show

The ducks were by far the best part.  Ellie loved them. 
Nate said that we must get some maple syrup cotton candy.  He had a point, it is the best cotton candy I've ever had.  But, that's not saying much.
Stuart stayed with his Grandma Martin for this outing.  I was slightly paranoid about losing the girls in the crowd.  It happened before in the building.

Blurb overnighted my photobook and I recieved it today.  Not bad.  I was hoping for a nice coupon for the hassle (I had to ship the other one back) ... didn't happen. It's ok.  I'm really happy with the book. 


  1. That header!!!! I need to pick you up and bring me to my town to take some winter pictures.

    The pick of you and the girls is great. You look tired and Ellie looks wild.

  2. @Carla, we really have some strange expressions on that picture. Ha. I remember Nate asking me on the way home if I was tired... wearing my feelings on my sleeve again. So would love to see your snow!