Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks, originally uploaded by LydiaJo.

Met Nate for lunch today. Fun! Even though Stuart slept through the whole thing and we never got him out of his carseat... the girls still have a way of taking advantage of us. More yelling and fighting goes on than before.
Is the PA farmshow this week or next? Hoping to go this year.
Needin A Nail To Bite
Lizzy so addicted to biting her nails and sucking her thumb. I have always been so ok with her sucking her thumb due to her being such a good baby because of it. Turns out her front teeth are showing strong signs of buck teeth. Not a good development.

Smile Lissy

I sure do miss taking pictures outdoors. We go to the kitchen or bathroom in the mornings to take pictures. These rooms have windows on the east side. So yeah, those crazy turquoise backgrounds I've been having. They come from my new bathroom wall. It is a bit punchier than I was expecting.

Open Your Eyes Lissy

6 Week

6 weeks 11lbs.
He keeps us up late at night. And gets us (me) up once between midnight and seven.


  1. I love that turquoise background. Funny that I couldn't figure out where it was. Wish I was going to the rodeo at the Farm Show.

  2. On the first picture Stuart looks like Laura's Nick did as a baby.
    I am so hoping to go to the farm show this year too. I keep hoping tris can get off early a day, but he wasn't acting as excited about going as i was. I know A.J. would love it. I looked it up online the other day. Its starts this Saturday till like next weekend.