Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bounce Back

It was Friday and we went on a date.  Such a guilty pleasure for us.  Not real guilt either.  Seems worthy.  Needed even. When my dear mother offered to babysit before I even asked we so took her up on it.   I know that I need to appreciate these good times.  When we are understanding each other and not running out of things to say.  Ever been on one of those dud dates?  Yeah they happen.  Well this was not one of those, we were laughing at each other and perfectly content. Until... at supper, Nate told me a story about pants.  Guy from work had some old pants at the bottom of his closet that he had to wear to work that day.  When I say the bottom of his closet I mean that they were his last option.  The rest were in the laundry.  So he had these least favorite pair of pants on and they were so tight and really... there is no point to this story but I asked where he got the pants to begin with.  I just wanted to know if they were meant to be tight (read Wranglers).  Nate said, no, they came from a nice store.  But he could not think of the name of the store. Something like Aeropostale he thought.  I named every single store that came close to Aeropostale and Nate kept shaking his head no.  Then he gave me another clue, "Remember when we were at Bible school there was one of these Brand of stores at the outlets" Ok... I knew which store he meant but I could not think of the name either.  We were stumped and our waitress teased us for being so quiet.  She didn't know that we were in torment, trying so hard to be the one to come up with the name of the store.  No good ending here.  Nate texted said friend  to ask what store and he came back with Aeropostale.  I was and still am bugged if the store I am remembering from Bible school was the same?  I think this was a bad case of overthinking.  I do it to myself all the time. 

We cooked a Grenadian supper Saturday night and Nate started a fire out back on the concrete. We live in town right? I told him to let me know when the pot was good and hot. So he did. We dumped the sugar in to burn it and it was melting so nicely when there was an explosion. Nate acted all nonchalant about it and I was irritated. I hate explosions. It happened again… he tried to tell me that the concrete would soon dry out and it’d be fine. I was worried about the neighbors calling the police. Well just as the sugar was burned to perfection and I was ready to add water there was one final huge blow and the pot fell off of it’s resting spot and the fire blew to bits and all the ash landed in the pot. I rounded up the girls and headed into the house thankful we were still alive.  I met the neighbor lady Bonnie on the way, I'm sure she was investigating and I said, “Your yard looks so nice” she had mowed. Nate didn’t tell her what was going on either. Poor lady was probably wondering. The fire was really out back kind of hidden by a shed. I really did not want to admit that we had a fire. Besides the fire was gone now. So we started all over burning the sugar on the stove. That was about all the drama I could handle. Thankfully things went much better from there on out.

My parents are starting a new line at work.  Printing on wooden boards, or boxes, I'm not sure what we're calling them yet.  I sent Dad a sample the other day and woolah! I have art for my wall.  How fun.  It pretty much is the same as printing on a canvas but with crisper edges.

The kitchen is calling my name.  Not happy with the latex paint the Sherwin Williams guy talked me into for my cabinets, I stopped in to buy some oil based yesterday.  Ready to have it all put back together. I am  happy that I can finally use my bin pulls.  I bought these for another project years ago and have the perfect amount.  Nice when some things work out.


  1. can relate with the hating of explosions. cannot endure loud fire surprises. on another note i hope your planning to put more pics up of your kitchen when your done?-diane

  2. It's the Grenadian food that caught my attention! I should cook it more often. Just takes so much time, when all for only one person. Me. But strew chicken and all that good stuff? My mouth is watering! What did you season your chicken with?

  3. Uh...sorry, Jo, that was me. Michelle. Above, about that good food.

  4. MIchelle, do you mean to say that your husband will not eat it? Nate was just raving over the food. We cooked it for a youth group thing. And there he was muttering under his breath about how good it was. I was almost embarressed. I kept saying, shhhhh! Um... we seasoned the chicken for a few days using, onion, garlic, adobe seasoning, chives, parsley, and peppers. I found these peppers at Walmart that looked exactly right! But alas they were more like a miniature bell pepper. I used them anyhow. Nate was sure he could tell. I used raw sugar to burn, but that was the first try and we had to use brown sugar in the final product.