Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sunday Morning Fuzzy Brain Feeling

Our water Softener needs salt. My hair is frizzy is the result. Mine, Mia's, and Elizabeth's. Yesterday I made Strawberry Danish for a fellowship meal today and it got horrible. The therm flo that I use to thicken it clumped up in the worst way and I strained it out and tried again. It had a funny taste. Is it more embarrassing to take something that is dreadful, or take nothing. Nate said it was ok and although I did not believe him, I took it along to church this morning. We don't have far to church, no big hills. I stuck a Bible on top to give it extra weight and make sure it would not tip. I know, a Tupperware saleslady would have a hay day w/ this story. It was not in one of those beloved containers with the whatever kind of seal they have. Nate braked and it tipped. I managed to save the Bible but the van floor was now coated in strawberry goo. At least I wasn't like, "Oh what a shame to lose that good strawberry danish!" nope. I was actually a little relieved. So we got to church and were scrubbing floor mats and scooping danish. Nate parked beside the dumpster. Not the best start to a morning at church. Just as I was sitting down in Sunday school, Stuart spit up all over me. Cleaned that up, made it back to Sunday school where Stuart actually cooperated well, I was busy entertaining him when the teacher asked for us to take up reading the verses where we left off. I heard this in that subconscious part of my brain and I knew there was a delay and all of a sudden it came to me what she said and I was like, "Oh sorry" ... and got that reading under way. Thing is I' m not sure how long they were waiting on me. Probably felt longer than it was. Church went ok, Mia needed a tissue and I could not find one in my purse. I hadn't noticed any snot running out of her nose yet so I asked her to just wait which was not the nice Mom thing to do. So she sat beside me sucking in big time. Wasn't long till I sent her to the bathroom to take care of that. After church a kind lady tucked the tag in my sweater in for me. Shoot. Must have been like that all morning. Can I start over! Not that I'd want too. Time for a nap.


  1. This is so funny. I hope the rest of your day went better.

  2. Ha! At least or salad wasn't missing the dressing. Still can't figure out where they put it. :) Dorcas

  3. Glad I am not the only one to have days like that! Thanks for the laugh. (=