Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

BLT salad. Simply Wonderful Cookbook.  Make it today.

We spent the entire weekend working on our kitchen.  Bless Nate's heart. We're putting a used kitchen in.  Not beautiful by any means, but much better quality. 

I'm babysitting our neighbor boy today.  All four children are napping.  It's great, but I'm scared to make any noise for fear they'll wake up.


  1. Countertop is pretty.
    nice family pictures... Did you go to the cabin yesterday?

  2. Napping children sound like a good excuse to get in lots of computer time. LOVE those family pics.

  3. You probably don't remember me but I think we dormed together at Keystone Camp. I was helping with crafts and I can't remember what your postion was?!...but anyway what I really want to ask is...Are you the Lydia Jo who is a finalist in Pioneer Woman's "Green" photography contest? If so...Wow and Congratulations!! --Jolene

  4. Jolene, was I babysitting the cooks baby? I am not sure. I am the Lydiajo from PW's green contest. Pretty much made my day a few times in the last week.