Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 Here and There

 Gift card wreath for Mia's teacher. This was from the whole class.

 Making cookies with the family the week before.

 Nate was quite the creative decorator. Bell, Tree, etc. 

 Ellie ready to leave for her school Christmas party.
 Roasting squash for the salad.

 Opening new Christmas pajamas the night before we did our Christmas.

 Slept in the basement by the fire. A first for us.

 This was in a gift that Ellie gave to Nate and I. We opened this after she opened hers. We laughed.
 Quarry Drive Myerstown

 Uncle Ted gets pounded.

How we love our Ivy Jane

 Zion Grove
 Pond at Clear Springs Farm
 Out for a hike on Christmas Eve Day

 Shopping at a Farmers Market. Nate had to buy a pie.

 Many thanks to Carla and her family for joining us at the cabin.

 Niece Lisa

 Thanks to Darrin, Elizabeth was rescued from the mud.

 Nate finally gave in and unwrapped his snuggie. A gag gift from his sister Carla.

Mia being an artist this morning. Anyone from the Martin clan know what this is?


  1. Mia, that is a great drawing! - CZ

  2. I know I'm a little late here, but poor Ellie, she did really get stuck in the mud.