Thursday, December 13, 2012

So Busy

The other day I felt very smart when I realized I could set an alarm to go off at that particular time on particular days of the week. (on my phone) It did not seem smart when it went off in the AM instead of 3PM. Yeah.

Have I mentioned that I procrastinate? This week, just days before Christmas with many things on my to do list and a fundraiser to cook for this weekend... I was staring at a painting. Its been bothering me, I can see it from the treadmill and I brought it up with me one day this week and painted over it. Then I had artists remorse due to not loving it, and I was almost late to get Ellie off to school and I really wanted to sweep the floor before I went to bake cookies with Mia's class.  So, if I do not get the Christmas pajamas hemmed in time... I can thank the painting that had nothing to do with Christmas.

If you need new Christmas music do check this album out.

My sister in law loves Christmas. (guessing here... 2002 or 2003)

We love you Sonya!


  1. Love when you blog:) thanks for the card, I'm still deciding if I'm going to do cards this year, yea super long list here too!Love Nates shirt:) Merry Christmas! Denise

  2. I know the feeling (busy). Not sure why I tackled a 'room make-over' this week? :) Hoping I get it wrapped up this week. PJ's are cut out. One pair done. . . Looking foward to January. (not so busy - hopefully!) - Yvonne

  3. We love Sonya too, in all the stages of her life. When I get really busy I can have a hard time focusing and end up doing things like ironing the laundry thst's been doing fine on the ironing board for the last month. I would love to see the painting. You need to paint more than sweep the floor, I say. - Carla