Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Mia

 Mia turned 9 a few weeks ago. 
She asked for a German Chocolate Cake
Made her Dad proud.

She had some friends over for the afternoon. 

 The night before her birthday we had a "Youth Leaders Surprise" youth night.
We hauled them off in big vans to the Mt. Gretna Roller Skating Rink. On Saturday nights they play live organ music.Very loud organ music. My favorite part was watching everyone figure out how to roller skate. I loved roller skating as a child so once I got the hang of it again it was a blast from the past.

 This guy, I was about to cross the rink I was carrying Olive in the car seat and my skates in another hand. This guy sneaked up behind me, put his arm around me, blew his whistle and said, "Let's go!" ha! He ushered me across. 

We didn't see much of her all night, she found a friend and they had a ball.


  1. So very fun! I used to love roller skating as a kid- my skates were white w hot pink wheels and pom poms!! :)) so neat they play live organ music-- sounds just like THE perfect birthday activity!!!

    Happy birthday to you girl :)

  2. ..and yes!! Watching everyone figure out how to skate is one of the best parts ;)

  3. oh my word, I guess I thought there weren't any roller skating rinks anymore! Need to take the kids.

  4. Hi Lydia,
    I am rebuilding the Mt. Gretna Roller Rink web site. I really enjoyed the images you posted. Could I get permission to possibly use a couple for their site? Please respond to