Friday, March 14, 2014


 Everyone loves a trip to the mountains.Stuart just told me last night that he wishes we would live at the cabin. The girls chimed in, "Then we would never run out of bedrooms." Not that I was worried.

 Still needs her sleep.

Of course this melts my heart.
 You just never know.

 Nate likes his subs toasted.

Olive is wearing this onesie on every picture I have of her.  I'm thinking I should frame it when she outgrows it.  It's like her signature look.  Confession: she's wearing it right now. 

 Visiting my grandparents at the Lincoln Home.

Just tagging along.

 Olive with my Step Grandma

 All of them with my their Great Grandpa. 
Nate and I were having fun visiting with them, as they were being kind of silly. The children were going a little bit nuts though and we did not stay very long.

The Grandparents were both joking about how they could not remember who had been there to see them. They should keep a log book, they said. I thought to myself, "They must not have a guest book anymore." Right before we left I asked, "So, do you have a guest book?" "Well yes! we do, now where is it." This made me so silly.


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  1. Those lovely photos just melted my heart! You have such a wonderful family! I can almost feel your grandparents’ happiness while they're with you and their grandchildren. You should not miss every opportunity to care and love your grandparents, just as they have loved you when you were young. Thank you for sharing that, Lydia! All the best!

    Vonda Cheney @ Amber Care