Friday, March 14, 2014

iPhone Photo Dump

  Two spills. Both the same morning. It's easier to handle if I've all ready had my coffee. Also if I can look at it and be like, "That looks neat."

 Grandma Minnie has an awesome sunroom. Who could be sad in here?
Pretty birds to watch, you can see the train, there is a pond. What more could you want. 

 First Grade Art work by Ellie

 Nate reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

 Suart's been watching for geese on the pond. 
Some flew over this morning and he got all excited. I told him that they are coming from Florida.

 Local Mechanic Shop

 I've been teaching myself Lightroom. Gah.

 Cute scooter! 
My Dad had one like this when he was a child.

 Sherlock takes the Cushman for a spin. Oh wait, that's Ted. Nate did not have a jacket but he is armed with yellow gloves.

Soon to be improved by warm summer days.

 Sewed Mia a dress this week. I looked longingly at the vintage fabric stash, but Mia loves her knits.

 Bow disaster. We had to downsize. A lot.

My Mom snuck this photo at the restaurant. Lady fussing over Olive and Stuart. This happened twice in the same morning, same lady. Stuart wasn't really digging the attention either.


  1. Bow disaster is hilarious. Spill are not so much so

  2. Love the pictures. The scooter is so funny, especially the back. And Lightroom, it is way worth learning. Not that I have conquered it, but the little I do know makes me love RAW.

  3. I know I'm way late here, as usual. Ellies art, so cute! I could comment on all the pictures but you are in haiti right now so I won't overwelm you more. Becky