Monday, August 25, 2014

Home of the Cheesesteak

 Um... this is embarrassing but my brother has lived in Philadelphia for 4 years and the kids have never been to his house. We always go without them. 
They were fascinated with his bathroom
 (they love bathrooms- are they peeking in cupboards? I don't know) 
and the bicycles parked in the living room. Stuart knocked one over and got tire marks on his face. A real souvenir. 

 Cheesesteaks for lunch. Ted wrinkled his nose, he's had better. Cheesesteak snob maybe. 

 I'm still trying to decide if it was worse having my own children here or chaperoning the youth group. At least our children listened to us when we said, "Stay back." 

 Franklin Square

 Logan Square

We walked, ate, rode the train, and went to parks. It was a fun thing to do with the kids but there is a good chance they will get left with Grandma next time. 


  1. Looks like a fun day. -Lucy

  2. I also have a brother who lives in Philly and I don't think my children would let me stay alive if we went to Philly without them. He lives within walking distance of a very nice park so we usually take them there for a few hours.