Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Misc Days of Summer aka: Phone Photo Dump

Mia at camp. I can see the excitement oozing out of her. It was as great as she dreamed it would be. 

What is it called when the tops split like this? 

Somewhere near Reading

Brother's Truck. No wonder Nate want's cowboy boots.

 One part vinegar 3 parts oil = amazing furniture restoration

The scary librarian hosted a party for the children that finished the reading program. 
I went home thinking, "I guess she actually does like kids." 

Ellie playing dress up at the piano teacher's house. I so badly wanted to instagram this and say,
 "Ellie does not like her back to school dress 2014."

Never enough peach pie.

How I love this child.

Not so patiently waiting at the eye doctor.
Ellie broke her glasses this summer.

She's worried I will get these for her. I'd love to. I would laugh every time I looked at her.

Thanks to, the same cake book my Mom had us paging through as children.
I'm a sucker for nostalgia. 

Ok, this was in my instagram feed and I could not stop laughing. I love it. 
Poor kid never knew it was his Dad eating bread in the garage. 

Picking Mia up at camp. 

Wondering around in Lancaster waiting for the ball game. Free tickets from the library's Summer reading program.

Candy Dropped from a helicopter!? Mom's worst nightmare.
After it was over you heard, "Mom?" from every direction. I could not see where the girls got too, Nate was down there with Stuart. We all found each other again.

Comfort Inn

Nothing major just a little thread where it does not belong.

The shed has been insulated and it has walls that are almost finished. We will be happy to put things in place. I imagine a taped off parking space for the lawnmower. No bikes allowed. I might be dreaming.

Look this shirt still fits! Nate's Mom is not impressed with Stuart's hair cut. 
Nate never had a Teddy as a child. I was freaking out while cutting his hair off and I was hoping Stuart would not cry when he looked in the mirror but he just gave a happy sigh and said, "It feels good!" 


  1. So entertaining. :) Those 3 chairs look like a good time out spot. :D

  2. Stuart looks quite cute :) And love the chair thingy!! I laughed when I read about the librarian. She's not so bad ;)

  3. Hey those glasses are IN right now! Love this post. I laughed a lot!

  4. Our son,after his first"teddy"hair cut,rubbed his hands over his head and said,thistles!From a distance his cousin refused to believe it was him till she got closer.Love your everyday life posts!

  5. Wonderful pictures! When I saw the picture of the library I realized I was smelling that library smell. It has a smell all of it's own that other libraries do not have. I should step inside next time I come to town, wonder if it smells like I remember it. Seeing Ellie with the fabric takes me back to my childhood. How fun to choose fabric and know Mom would make something nice with it. You are amazing to see hope in those chairs. They look fabulous. - Carla