Sunday, August 24, 2014

Squeezing the Last Drops Out of Summer Vacation

 On our last week of Summer Vacation, with school about to start... we headed to the shore.
Nate booked a motel 20 min from the beach and we did the drive the night before. This allowed us to get to the beach early and have it to ourselves without waking up too early.
It never fails... it was so great that we wished we would have gotten up even earlier!
I keep wondering what would happen if we would do it again next week. I'd hate to admit to the secretary that we forgot about school... the wild air was calling our name. 

The girls were helping me pack but they did not know where we were going. This drives Mia crazy. Nate and I were standing in the bathroom oblivious to Stuart and Nate said something about packing the boogie boards and the sled. Stuart perked up and was about to take off to announce to the girls what he had just heard. I distracted him by giving him a job to do but it did not work and we soon heard him in the living room,  "Um, I was in the bathroom and Mom and Dad were there, and I heard Dad say he's going to pack the boogie boards AND the sled, so we might go boogie boarding and we might go sledding!" 

 NYC Skyline

 I can't believe it's legal to have this much fun. 

Olive brought some sand along home with her.

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  1. Love the sunglasses pic! Looks like a fun time.