Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rolling Along

Hank with his wrinkly forehead looking like a little old man.

 An evening at my Sister in law for supper. So much fun.

Stuart and his window washing. He brought this squeegee home from Grandma's yard sale. 

Last year I forgot to plant my zinnias. Making them extra special this year.

Cute little people who LOVE babies. 

Reading Henry and Mudge books. A favorite baby gift! 

When did my puppy turn into a dog? 

Ok, she's still a puppy.

Rolling along, Olive not so sure about the back seat. 
Henry's first fishing trip.

Ellie is missing a few teeth at the moment. This gives her quite the dilemma when it is time to smile for a photo. To show the teeth or not. Being 7 must be hard, her friends told her she looks like a rabbit after she showed her teeth on her Summer Bible School photo and now she has to be coaxed to have a normal smile. 

Ted visits from the city.

My Grandpa is crazy for this cat. It was his before they moved to the home. I try not to mind that he knows who the cat is when he sees it but not me. 
For a while it was so entertaining to go visit them thanks to the crazy things he would say. Now that his short term memory has gotten even worse the fun factor went way down as it's hard to carry a conversation. 

Grandpa and Step Grandma celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, although they have no clue what is going on with that card. 

Harley does not like to be left out! 

Well this years Father's Day picture has me tearing up. Nothing like a new little person in your family to make you feel grateful. 

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