Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Two Weeks In

 One week old.

 I've been trying to keep my fridge empty for all of the baby meals. Nate went to get me a few groceries. A list with about 5 items. Milk, stamps, strawberries, etc. He came home with many other things including 2 watermelon.  

Great Grandma Minnie. 

Summer storm rolling in.

Hank's first real ride in the station wagon. 

Boaz in Mom's baby carriage. It's like a pack and play on wheels. 

Not a sight I see very often. Bless his heart.

We are getting spoiled with the fun baby meals. Henny Penny Chicken one night. 


  1. Sweet baby Beautiful family! Christina

  2. He is just adorable! I am so ready to be two weeks into it instead of two or three weeks to go! Enjoy!

  3. Grandma Minnie and the baby! Oh, so precious. - Carla

  4. So dear! You all have THE cutest babies! -dz

  5. Congratulations on the new baby! Henry is so very adorable

  6. Henry is loved so well! And the watermelon picture. So summertime! And the birth kit under the crib. Yup, remember those :)