Monday, June 8, 2015

Stu and Hank

When Stuart saw Henry for the first time he asked Nate, "If I would want to kiss her where would I do that?"
It turned out he was too shy to follow through on that particular day. And incidentally we all call him a she on occasion. We always have this trouble when the previous baby was a different gender. 

There was also a funny comment about Henry not being born wearing a blanket. Oh Stu Bop's you make being five so much fun.


Henry's first outing was the Sunday school picnic. While eating his burger and fries Stuart realized that his baby brother had gone missing from my arms and asked where he was, "You're just letting him crawl around?"

The nights have been rough, but so far each one gets better. I guard my nap time like a desperate person. 

Handing out cigars.

 Nothing better than hanging out in pj's all day in a sleep deprived baby loving stupor. 


  1. This line "a sleep deprived baby loving stupor" totally resonates. It's one of those feelings you just never forget! :)
    That baby stretching and yawning photo, oh my, so adorable!
    Here's to more sleep at night!

  2. Such a funny big brother! Sweet baby! Hope you get more sleep. This too shall pass. Enjoy them while they're young. They grow up Oh so fast! Christina
    Ps. From a mom who misses thoes days (my baby is in 6th grade)

  3. The,"You're just letting him crawl around," line so cracked me up. And the picture of Henry with his hand over his face is so classic newborn and makes me wish soooooo badly I could pick him up to hold him. Hope he's starting to sleep a little more. Those newborn days are so precious, but sometimes it's hard to really appreciate them when you're so terribly tired. :)