Thursday, May 13, 2010


I wish I would have devoted more time to music when I hear someone that's really good on the guitar or piano.  I just text Nate to say, "I wish we played the guitar together" neither of us play.  We have a guitar though...

You ever have that panic feeling... when life just seems too short.  So many things to try to be good at and I often feel like I'm not actually that good at anything.

I was such a perfectionist as a child.  One day my Mom had my cousins and I painting t shirts with glitter paint.  I goofed mine up and Mom fixed it so well.  Just put another leaf there to cover up the mistake and I remember crying bitter bitter tears while my cousins tried to tell me it was fine. 

I am now a master "cover it up with another leaf" kind of person.  I make do a lot.  I can be happier with less.  But still I struggle.  Wonder why I can't get it all done and do better at what I do.

For Mia's birthday she got this little kitten that sits in a basket with a pillow.  It is from her grandma.  Apparently she was asking for a cat. Or a trampoline, or a swimming pool.  So when I saw this I was sure it was so going to all get lost in the bottom of the toy box.  But my dear Lizzy.  She carries it around all the time.  Two months later.  She covers it up with a blanket and talks to it.  She just loves animals.  Especially fake ones.  The other day I heard her outside talking to a baby rabbit ??? was there one there I'm not sure.  But she was saying, "baby rabbit I"m over here, do you want to let me hold you?" She always says to wild animals, "I'm over here" like they should just hop over to her.
 I'm not a huge cat fan. 

Tomorrow is my Grandma's estate sale.

Last night at church. Ellie pinched her finger in the door. I saw it happening but could not get there fast enough. Hard to watch stuff like that happen.  It's a little bit purple. Could have been worse.

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  1. this is good. I can relate esp. since i took piano lessons for 5 years straight and can barely play anything now... very sad! I like to blame it on the fact i don't have a piano in my house....
    Jo, I'm really thinking you could right a book about Elizabeth. And i'm hoping my second born gives me as many laughs as Lizzie does.