Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goodness I Love Philly

Ted lives here.

Ted has a fun bike.

We ate lunch here.

In the park looking at the restaurant. It was a restaurant where they did not list soda's on the menu.

Had no idea there was an Anthropology in Philadelphia.  Earlier this week I checked their nearest stores while on their site requesting a catalog... did not see Philly on the list.  Should have looked closer.  Oh well, this way I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed this in our travels today... I informed my Mom and Ted that we would be shopping at Anthro after lunch.

Fun vintage shop.  Where they knew the stuff was great. I was tempted to tell the ladies at the register, "I so get this." 

This morning while I scurried around to get the children to babysitters I wondered if this was really going to be worth it.  Guess I was scared Ted would have us sitting on park benches all day.  Now I only wish we had taken the time to sit on the park benches.  It was so great. Thanks Ted. You're such a trooper... putting up with Anthro and all.


  1. I am with you I love Philly, and miss living there - so many great places to shop and see and there is nothing better then sitting on a park bench and people watching.

  2. i know what you mean about "i so get this."
    i was just thinking this morning that artists, junkers, vintage lovers, are a unique breed because they do what they love but only other people like them often "get" their art. :) fun to think about.
    i am very fascinated with the burnt toast collage on that one pic. anthro is def not a place where one display artist tells the other, "i`m sorry. i think that`s just too much".
    that`s why we love it right?!
    i also love the way they made gross old doilies look new again.
    awesome pics!

  3. I hear ya Jenny, just sold old doilies like that at a yard sale.