Monday, September 27, 2010

My Children Do Things That Haunt Me

I know what I was like as a child. I try to forget about it though.  Then my children do things that remind me.
Mia has been begging to take a snack along with her to school.  I have been saying no.  She goes on to tell me that the other kids bring snacks!  Mom! Well dear, they probably have food allergies.
So the other afternoon waiting in the van for the bus she whispered to her friend, "Hey, I want to tell you a secret, I have a snack in my backpack" Her Mother has good ears.  Anyhow... she waited to relay this information until the bus was pulling up.  So I walk them across the street and inform Mia that we will talk about this when she gets home.  I did not get a hug good bye that day.  She looked a bit troubled.  At the last minute she turned and blew me a kiss before climbing aboard.
You know what I found in her backpack that afternoon? Two packs of gummies, and a pack of Lance crackers. So basically that was three snacks.  She did not even try to eat any as her teacher gave them gummies that day.  She was prepared for a day of 4 goldfish crackers.
Why this story haunts me.  I was in Kindergarten or possibly first grade when I decided I was going to wear shorts to school like the other girls.  I had this pair in my dresser, They were bright yellow and I don't recall ever wearing them before or after this particular day that I wore them under my skirt.  I had a plan, it was to change at the end of the lane while I waited for the bus.  Stow the skirt under the bushes there at the end of the lane.  For some reason I chickened out and wore the yellow shorts all day long underneath the skirt.  Nick teased me at recess while swinging on the monkey bars that he could see my yellow underwear. When I got home that day, my Mother was waiting for me on Big Red the 3 wheeler. I was so glad to not be in those yellow shorts.  Alas, my plan was all discovered that evening when Mom found the yellow shorts in the basement very far from the top dresser drawer in my bedroom. Mom's are smart.

Ellie takes every opportunity she can to go outside in the buff.  No clothes at all.  It happens after baths on Sunday mornings and while her Mother is editing photos on a Monday afternoon.
Nate always smiles and says, "She takes after her Mother" Oh dear.
While on a date one time we stopped for gas at the local Hess.  I mentioned to Nate that I knew the guy that was beside us, Pete was his name.  He used to work with my Dad.  Nate was feeling exceptionally chatty that afternoon and said, "Hi Pete" while waiting to pay for his gas.  Upon relaying how he knew Pete's name Pete laughed and said, "Lydia Jo?, let me tell you a story about her" and he proceeded to tell him about a time that I showed up down at the shop without clothes on.  Blush! Nate was howling till he came back out and I was in for a real treat.  No one else ever told me I did that. Thank goodness I don't remember.

Boring detail, but I learned to ride bike along this wall. 

There were so many big trees before.  Makes me feel old. To be here after the trees have gone.
During our lovely thresher man's reunion we got a tour of the home farm.  The stories that the feelings from these pictures evoke.  Nothing like seeing the place where you grew up.  What was really neat was Aunt Cindy got married here at this farm house.  And we were there looking around on her 39th anniversary! So while I thought it was so neat to be back. It was even way neater for them!
Standing in the very room where they said I Do.



  1. Hmmmmmm this was very interesting esp. about her friend bringing a snack !!! ko

  2. P did not bring a snack. did she?

  3. I have another "Naked Lydia Jo episode" - You were staying at our house and I think you, Maria, and me were playing in our kiddie pool one afternoon. Afterwards Maria and i changed and walked over to our neighbors - little bit later you came traipsing over - in the nude. We thought it was hysterical

  4. Seriously knowing Ellie now, so easy to imagine. She would do that.

  5. So happy to see these pictures! The two most significant memories about the farm. I remember you and I convincing Colleen that the cow pie was hard and could be stepped on. She found out the hard way that it was not. I also have distinct memories of the red, white, and blue shag carpet. It's the little things that stick:) ~Amy

  6. i love your blog! i can't wait to keep looking at it. i'm slow at figureing these places out. :)

  7. Guess your are in for an exciting life! :) Thanks for the smile - Y