Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yard Sale

Yard sales are not for me.  I mean having them.  Guess I'm not a morning person.  And I might have a better attitude if I could have slept till 5am.  Did not.  No, two of my little children (read smallest) cried all night long.  I never fell back to sleep after 2am.  Bad, bad start to my day.  I could not believe how the junk sold.  The very things that I was embarrassed to be sitting beside. Household things that I was tempted to toss.  They sold.  For mere dollars but still? And yet I know that is exactly how people must feel when they sell me cool vintage chairs for $5.  And I walk away trying to wipe the huge smile off of my face.  No they can't feel that happy about my junk, no possible way. Amazing how our styles are so different. 

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