Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We Don't Agree All the Time

Nate and I, we don't agree on what time to set our clocks too.  He likes them fast.  I'd rather have them right on the money.  So right now the clock in the van is 15 minutes fast.  Yes, that fast.  And we both kind of forget about it.  Which is why when we thought we were late on the way to a supper invite the other night we texted ahead to let them know.... we actually arrived right on time.  Nate just told them that we drove really fast when they told us, "You aren't late" yeah... I keep getting to the bus stop way early.  The clock in the house is 5 minutes fast.  It's a real mental exercise to figure out what time it really is. So I bought myself a watch the other morning.  A morning when i could not sleep.  So I high tailed it to Wal Mart before I fell back to sleep and it was bliss shopping at wal mart all by myself.  As much bliss as shopping at walmart can be. The watch is "water resistant"  I believe I can blame this on why I dreamed since then that I dropped my Dad's new camera in the ocean.  It was too heavy.  I also dreamed that night that our laminate flooring was popping up and that was one morning that I was so glad to wake up!

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