Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Festive Days

Bumper Cars

These cookies took a lot of time.  Turned out Nate really liked them and the children could easily flood them with icing.  Was fun. 

They cut out the stars and they decorated them.

This helped me keep track of which ones were more pure. You know.

The rush is over.  Maybe. Sammy and Jana are still here so until they go it is not over.  But last night was a blessed night at home.  I love Christmas gatherings.  I like them spread out like once a week or so.  Felt like a marathon.  But you just can't complain, because having family is special and dear so we soak it up.
My cousin with his son. Eric used to babysit us when we were little.

Mia's teachers used hot glue to keep these together. I"ve since learned that you can used melted white sugar for an edible hot glue.  Dip the sides in and stick them together? Not that I'm planning to make these anytime soon. 

Sammy and Jana.  Not sure they will brave the cold weather again.

My thrifty choice to get a pack of two pajamas, one size, worked out ok.

Christmas Morning

My Mom is such a go getter. 

First time ice skating
At family function number 3 for the weekend, I noticed a brown object on the living room floor, beside Stuart.  Nate must have noticed it when I did.  I don't remember what I said, but he said, "That is what you think it is" and I was the one that could not get the wet ones out fast enough.  We are talking about a living room packed with people.  How it escaped I still do not know.


  1. You handled it so graciously. I was wishing I could have been more like you 2 nights before when it happened to my boy. Cute, cute girls and pjs.

  2. I'm liking the pgs. I had these great visions of cute pj pictures on Christmas morning, but A.J. wet the bed and ivy peed out of her's, so they are bothed dressed on the pics. :(

  3. Did Mia like skating? My 2 oldest discovered they can make their hockey skates go and are wishing we lived closer to a pond. (=

  4. Lol about the"object"on the floor.Parenting sure isn't boring!The fire looks so cozy.I really should try ice skating again,it's been years.