Friday, December 10, 2010

To Post A Comment

I normally keep the comment section very easy to post too.  However I also get a lot of anonymous comments.  I don't mind this until it is time to do a give away.  Then I mind.  A few days ago after some mention to how hard it is to post I switched it back to the old way and within minutes I had an anonymous commenter. So we are going to stick this new way of commenting out for the contest. Let me show you what to do.
So you will click on the comment button. Go ahead and put your comment in the box at this time.  Then you will see the screen above.  It says select profile.  If you do not have any of those profiles I would suggest selecting Google Account. 
That will take you to this page where you will choose the bottom light blue box.  "Don't have a Google Account?" Please click on the get started button. 

Now you get to fill in all this fun stuff.  

Should take you back to this page where you will still need to hit Post Comment to get it to post.

Comment is now posted. I hope this helps someone.

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