Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Making Seasons Bright

This morning when it was flurrying, Mia wanted to put on her snow pants.  She was also begging to go outside to take pictures. 
I won a new pair of ski boots on eBay this morning.  You know in Mary Poppins where they sing, "I love to laugh" I love to ski. Sing that in your head.
The first photo is the pic I have in my bedroom.
The stack of records is not even the beginning of the stack of records.  Looking for a record collector to come and take them off my hands.
The rocking chair comes from my local Vintage Yard Sale lady.  Oh how I love to see her sign out.  She goes to estate sales and scores stuff and then sells them at a yard sale very reasonably.  I think, she might put the money towards a mission or some good cause...? Sweet lady, so there are for real ladies lined up on the sidewalk before she opens.  The ornaments came from there, oh and the navy box full of records.  And I got some mystery box.  I don't know what it was or what it will be.
Last night was our lonely work banquet (small company) but it turned out to be very fun and we laughed at silly stories all night long. As we were leaving the Franklin House Nate was looking for mints.  There was a dish with only two left, he tried to hand one to his boss who said, "No, I don't do mints" and we died inside.  For we had a very large glass dish of mints out in the car for his Christmas gift. Better luck next year.
Sammy and Jana should be arriving tomorrow morning.  I am praying things go well for their flights.  Will be a happy day when we see them.

A sad ending. Kathy the Cat. She is no more.

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  1. that colorful header is a real mood booster.
    the girls hats are cute!
    Merry Christmas.